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Early AccessController support added to Wild Ride.
Early Access"Eduardo" has been chosen for the name of the Wild Ride character.
Early AccessWild Ride released Early Access on and!
  • Garry

    Position | Programmer

    Im old enough to be any of the rest of the team's dad. I was trained in electricity, electronics, and computers in the military. My first love was computer games back to when I sat at the first Commodore 64 I ever saw but had to do "real work" for a couple of decades first. During that time I was involved with a few different start up companies and learned to code and script in many languages. I am mostly a C# developer for the Devil Kitty team and really enjoy working with these lads.

  • Kyle

    Position | Programmer

    Greetings! I am a 21 year old guy I am currently a junior in college. My major is Computer Science and a minor in Graphic Design. I live on the East Coast of USA. My main hobby that I have been doing for about a year now is photography, so if you also like photography then message me and I'm sure we can have some interesting conversations. I was in another discord channel where I was asking for help with Unity. The person that ended up helping me was non-other than Garry, This was how we met. We became friends and he saw that I had a lot of passion for what I was working on and invited me to join. Its only been about 3 weeks since I first met him but it feels like a year. Cant wait to see what fun and exciting projects the future as for Team Devil Kitty and hope that you stick around for the ride!

  • Damian

    Position | Marketing

    Hey there! I am probably the youngest on the team being 16 years old . I live in England and therefore I also speak English . I am completely new to unity3D as I came from Unreal Engine where I learned level design which I do for 2 years now. For Our team I am a level designer, and a community manager ,as well as marketer ,and an artist from logo design to texturing so I do quite a lot but would not swap any of them