Here is a collection of games that have made.

Latest News
Early AccessController support added to Wild Ride.
Early Access"Eduardo" has been chosen for the name of the Wild Ride character.
Early AccessWild Ride released Early Access on and!
Early Access

Wild Ride

In this fast pace game you are in control of a vehichial that has been equipped with specialized weapons. your job is to survive by eliminating the competition before they eliminate you!

Game Jam

The Darkness

This was our submission for the Brackeys Game Jam. The theme for the Jam was "Love is Blind." We found this theme to be particularly difficult, but in the end had made something we enjoyed. In The Darkness you search the area for medicine for your love one but you must be quick as her time is limited.

Game Jam

Dead Shift

Dead Shift is a game we made for as a personal challenge, that challenge being was to make a game in 4 days! In this first person shooter the buried rise back up and try to leave the graveyard. Your job is to make sure they don't escape. Using Uncle Morty's trusty shotgun and a some high explosive grenades you must see how long you last during Dead Shift!